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Venice, Tilted :iconaboveandbeyondaverag:aboveandbeyondaverag 0 0 Something strange... :iconaboveandbeyondaverag:aboveandbeyondaverag 0 0 Venice Lighthouse :iconaboveandbeyondaverag:aboveandbeyondaverag 0 0 view from below :iconaboveandbeyondaverag:aboveandbeyondaverag 0 0 View from Above :iconaboveandbeyondaverag:aboveandbeyondaverag 0 1 Shakespeare's Door :iconaboveandbeyondaverag:aboveandbeyondaverag 3 0 Venice Again :iconaboveandbeyondaverag:aboveandbeyondaverag 1 0 Warwick Castle :iconaboveandbeyondaverag:aboveandbeyondaverag 1 0 Venice forever :iconaboveandbeyondaverag:aboveandbeyondaverag 0 0 Temple of Piety :iconaboveandbeyondaverag:aboveandbeyondaverag 1 0 Turk :iconaboveandbeyondaverag:aboveandbeyondaverag 1 0 Venezia :iconaboveandbeyondaverag:aboveandbeyondaverag 0 0 Venetian girl :iconaboveandbeyondaverag:aboveandbeyondaverag 0 0 Warwick Castle 2 :iconaboveandbeyondaverag:aboveandbeyondaverag 0 0 Vienna :iconaboveandbeyondaverag:aboveandbeyondaverag 2 0 Venetian Lion :iconaboveandbeyondaverag:aboveandbeyondaverag 1 0

Random Favourites

In Darkness We Ponder :iconcrepesculum:Crepesculum 8 13 What The??? :iconcrepesculum:Crepesculum 2 24
Black Abyss
Drowning in this darkness
I can't hear myself screaming
It's all just silent
With a whisper of a lost smile
Tickling my tear-streaked face
Caressing away my happiness
Nobody's listening in this Hades
Thief Cupid's bow like you did my heart
And shoot me like they did Achilles
In the only weak spot I can't feel
Since I ripped it from my chest for you
Watch me as I collapse
Within my own created world
Falling apart and breaking down
'Til one day I have nothing left
And I have nothing left to rebuild
:iconcrepesculum:Crepesculum 1 12
If I told you you're an angel
Would you treat me like the devil tonight?
Wrap your wings around me
Show me what it's like when good gets bad
I'll be your sin
The poison on your lips
Everything you can (not) have
Waiting at your fingertips
Lead me with temptation
Make me beg for what you do to me
Ecstasy with each breath
A gasp after every word you whisper
Lust of the seven
Most fatal guilty pleasure
A desire, a craving
You'd give anything for more
:iconcrepesculum:Crepesculum 3 13
Without A Trace
Come with me
To my forest of imagination
Where nothing's so cold
And you don't have to hold on
Everything comes to you
Never leaves you longing
Never leaves you empty
I was once there
I found it myself
But I told myself I'm strong
I lied to be alive
You became my death
I tried to face death alone
I loved you more than anything
But you loosed me so easily
I don't know if I can ever go back
Know I'll never be the same
Yet it'll always be the same
Not knowing is ignorance
Not hearing is not listening
Not seeing is refusal to do so
And maybe we're both in denial
Projecting onto each other
What we both thought we could take
But failing to realize importance
Within the connection between us
When our ability to live
Depended on one another
When our strength and will
Depended on the other's
I've waited a long time for you
To meet you here in my world
How does it feel to be here?
Where it isn't all imagination?
Reality is a whirlwind of dreams
Easy to get tangled within
Just as easy to be spit
:iconcrepesculum:Crepesculum 2 9
Dream Catcher
A lonely warrior on a war-beaten path
Scatters ashes of reminiscence in the wind
Willing the past to simply blow away
Yet choking on it as it surrounds her
Tell a tale of remorse and regret
As the Gods see right through you
Cast no lies into a sea of honesty
Lest you wish to feel the wrath
Betrayal's sin punishable by guilt
And one never wishes to drown
Alone on the path to nothing
A trail that leads to nowhere
Knoledges guides to ignorance
Ignorance to misunderstanding
What was once a glorious hero
Who captured dreams in her hands
Has become a lone wanderer
Who can't even recognize herself
No longer are flames within her eyes
No longer is warmth within her heart
No longer has strength to save them
No longer the will to save herself
Who will be her hero?
When she chooses her sorrow
As her only soul mate and lover
When her rejection of hope
Concludes her marriage to despair
:iconcrepesculum:Crepesculum 1 6
History Lesson
Every kiss they share
Is one you could've had
Well count them out
'Cause now they're gone
They belong to someone else
You've wasted your time
You've gone far too slow
You're not yet on empty
But you sure are running low
The pressure is building
Tears pushed away blinking
I can't stop this feeling
Just wish you would stop
There's no halting time
And no turning back
Show me how this ends
I refuse to watch it all
Everything we had
Crumbles and dies
We're so defenseless
Can't even cover our eyes
To the horror, the pain
The sick arbitrary ties
Should've never been
That started with our demise
Here's our lesson for the day
Give me a timeline and a game
Tell me you're going away
All the chaos, simply me to blame
Erase it all so I can't stay
Tell me once more your name
So I can write it and sign it
                         "I lost her today."
:iconcrepesculum:Crepesculum 1 4
Remove My Heart :icongirltripped:girltripped 3,057 176 Tears of the Rose :iconkedralynn:kedralynn 1,768 0
My only escape
Has left me in the dark
With no way out
Now I find myself alone
(Even in company)
I take the guilt
I take the blame
I led her along
In my sick little game
(It wasn't a game)
My conscious is clouded
What I'd do to fix all this
A life that was once all clear
Has gone wrong and amiss
(I can't make it right)
I'm stumbling through
With a lack of energy
The will to give in
And to succumb quickly
(And die)
:iconcrepesculum:Crepesculum 1 3
Morbid Beauty
Shattered glass
Splinters your heart
Invisible scars
Tear the skin apart
You're such a morbid beauty
With that sad look on your face
Sitting alone
Let a candle light the way
Words scrawled
"Please, won't you stay?"
It's an epidemic
A nightmare
Blackest of plagues
And quite a scare
Nothing to stop
Nowhere to begin
When it feels like you
One can't let it end
You're such a morbid beauty
With that melancholy gaze
:iconcrepesculum:Crepesculum 2 11
Blackened Eyes
Think about the little things
Give just a little bit more
Don't change too much
You're plenty perfect already
The black around your eyes
It highlights those resolute colors
It terrifies me to imagine your tears
So don't ever cry because of me.
I'd fall to my knees and beg
To see your smile once more
The stars spell out my answers
I've lost my true interpretation.
So I'll grasp your hand tightly.
And will myself to hold on.
Give life a different spin
Reset the rotation to my axis
I'll wrap Life around my finger
The Meaning around my heart
My Purpose around my mind
Are you willing to go under with me?
:iconcrepesculum:Crepesculum 1 2


Secret place :iconmmebuterfly:mmebuterfly 304 182



United States
Current Residence: Greensboro, NC
Favourite genre of music: EVERYTHING
Favourite style of art: photography or paint
Favourite cartoon character: Bruce from Family Guy
Personal Quote: Alone is a reminder of how far acceptance is from understanding
  • Reading: The Probable Future by Alice Hoffman
  • Watching: Jeopardy
  • Eating: My friend's yummy food stuffs
I have many many photographs that I took overseas, and I have selected several that are, in my opinion, beautiful.
But the question is, are they art?
They are of beautiful things -- architecture, nature, random things. But the beauty is in what I am taking a photograph of, not the photo itself. The castles, cathedrals, ruins, parks, landscapes, are all so beautiful, with or without my help. So is it still art?

I'm not sure, but I'm going to post them anyway.


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